New York City Travel Guide

New York City Travel Guide

New York is a city with various races and cultures, iconic images and a sense of togetherness. With yellow taxis, skyscrapers, steam vents, and great people, you won’t find another place like that in the world. In other words, New York has a unique personality and is a place that everyone must visit at least once in their lives. Whether you enjoy shopping, walking in Central Park, experiencing the money building on Wall Street or just relaxing while having lunch at one of the many city visitors, New York has something for everyone.

After you experience this amazing city, you will want to come back repeatedly, every time you find something new. You can experience all the main suburbs by foot, taxi or bus. From Little Italy to Brooklyn and Chinatown to Manhattan, there is so much to explore and explore.

Eating out is a separate experience, with thousands of restaurants you will be truly spoiled for choice. Favorites include Diner which is a converted dining car, Chat ‘n’ Chew where friends gather for an old ‘chin-wag’ that is good on a large Holy Cow burger or delicious macaroni cheese and not forgetting the New York Institute which is the 21 Club.


The oldest Manhattan of the five regions in New York City, Manhattan is the main commercial, financial and cultural center of the United States. Manhattan has many famous landmarks, attractions, museums and universities. The other four boroughs are the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island.

The Bronx

This is the only area located mainly on land. Although the Bronx is densely populated, about twenty-five percent of its territory is open space which includes the Bronx Zoo, the New York Botanical Garden, Pelham Bay Park, Van Cortlandt Park, and the Woodlawn Cemetery.


This is the most congested …

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Travel to the Philippines – Charming Capiz

Travel to the Philippines - Charming Capiz

Simple and peaceful. That’s how the provincial government describes life in Capiz on its website. For travelers who are looking for a place to relax and unwind, this province in the West Visayas region is a must-visit destination.

Covering an area of ​​2,594.64 square kilometers, Capiz is divided into 16 cities and one city – Roxas. The province continues to be one of the main tourist destinations in the southern Philippines, thanks to its natural charm highlighted by a maze of rolling hills, pristine beaches, pristine beaches, and isolated coves.

Capiz is also a magnet for seafood lovers. Dubbed the “Capital of Seafood in the Philippines,” the province provides guests with a wide selection of dishes made from its rich marine resources. Delicious food is available everywhere, from simple restaurants to luxury hotels and resorts.

With all the amazing attractions in the province, it’s no wonder that Capiz is one of the recommended tourist stops in most of the Philippines tour guides. The following are examples of beautiful places to visit in this province.

Temple of Agtalin

Be amazed by the giant statue of the Virgin Mary at the Temple of Agtalin. Located in the municipality of Pilar, this religious icon is considered the highest in the country as high as 80 feet. The International Maria Research Institute lists the Temple of Agtalin as a major pilgrimage site. It is believed that some believers with incurable diseases are healed by praying at a place of worship.

Baybay Beach

Baybay Beach is the elegant version of Boracay beaches in Capiz. This gray sand beach is a favorite weekend getaway spot for locals and tourists in the province. Apart from being a popular swimming spot, Baybay Beach is also a paradise for food lovers. Various stalls selling grilled fish, squid, shrimp, and …

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Luxury Travel and Family Beach Vacation

Luxury Travel and Family Beach Vacation

Luxury travel doesn’t have to be expensive. It also doesn’t have to be all decoration and no substance. There is a healthy medium for real costs and luxury that will get travelers the best chance a vacation can offer. To achieve the best of the medium, often, travel membership works well. Packages offered through a travel club will include a luxury hotel or travel resort, good food and views.

If travelers want to travel to Paris or London, for example, it is best to have a itinerary. There are so many beautiful sights to see and activities to see. Because this happens without a well-made plan can make a vacation chaotic and full of effort. Consulting with an experienced travel planner can help tourists choose the best location to visit and stay at the hotel. They can even help find the best food to enjoy in any region. Even if a traveler is going on a winter vacation to a warm beach location, cliché? and locations controlled by tourists can be avoided for a truly luxurious travel experience.

Vacation on the beach can be one of the most luxurious vacation spots available. The beaches of Spain offer beautiful elegance. Beaches in the Caribbean offer great relaxation and first-class service. Taking a trip to Cape Town also offers good weather and beautiful culture. Also add a bonus to being a world location where the dollar is strong and a traveler can get the best for his money.…

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A Lesser Known Peru Culture Tour

A Lesser Known Peru Culture Tour

Most people think of Peruvian culture as being synonymous with Machu Picchu and the Incas. However, there were advanced cultures in Peru before the Incas arrived, as can be seen in the impressive archaeological sites north of Lima.

Colonial Architecture in Lima

Although there are other Peruvian cities where one can see Spanish Colonial architecture, some of the best examples can be found in Lima. Of these, three of the most impressive are the Cathedral, the San Francisco Monastery and the Palacio de Torre Tagle.

Construction on the cathedral, located on the main plaza in downtown Lima, was begun in 1535. Francisco Pizarro himself laid down the first stone of the original structure. Since then, it has gone through a number of reconstructions but maintains the original colonial baroque architecture. The vaults were rebuilt more than once, twice due to earthquake damage.

Right near the cathedral, the San Francisco Monastery is another fine example of Colonial architecture, in this case, Neoclassical. It houses a world-renowned library and a collection of religious art. The highlight of this building are the catacombs below which include an ossuary. They are purported to connect to catacombs beneath other churches, including the cathedral.

Also on the plaza is the Palacio de Gobierno or Government Palace which was renovated in 1937 on the site of Pizarro’s home. Before being rebuilt, the original structure had more or less been devastated. Although not completely a colonial style structure, many examples of that style exist within it.

Located a couple of blocks away from the main plaza, the Palacio de Torre Tagle was built in the Baroque style in the early 1700s. Although it is not typically open to the public, as it is used as the Foreign Affairs Ministry, appointments can sometimes be made for viewing it. The …

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Ever Use a Concierge? You Should!

Ever Use a Concierge? You Should!

A concierge is someone who can take care of things for you- in the normal sense that entails running errands, making appointments for personal needs, getting hard to find items, tickets and other perks that wealthy people enjoy. What was once out of reach for most people is now at your fingertips.

Take a vacation with your family to a far off location and you have little knowledge of where to eat, what to see, maybe even how to get around. You can ask a stranger for their advice but how reliable is the information that you are getting from them? A concierge can provide reliable information from reputable sources and will have access to the internet allowing answers to just about anything you could ask them. Tickets to an event, dinner recommendations and reservations, tee times and reservations at the nearest or best golf course, driving directions, personal shopping support, movie reviews and times, nightlife information… there is little that a concierge cannot do for you.

So how do you get access to one and how much can it cost? There are several professional services available, but anyone can have access to one if they joined certain travel and vacation clubs. You get a phone number to call and are greeted by name by the person ready to assist you. The best part is that it is included in your membership on an unlimited basis- it is like having your own personal concierge for all your needs twenty four hours a day, year round at no extra cost. If you get your own travel booking site (an option available to you as a member), anyone who uses your site for their travel booking gets access to a concierge during their travel for thirty minutes- that would give them several …

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