Hampi Karnataka – City of Fascinating Ruins

Hampi Karnataka - City of Fascinating Ruins

Hampi is a city of interesting ruins from the 15th-century Vijyanagar Empire. The city has more than 500 historical monuments scattered around the hills and valleys of this place. This is one of the richest Karnataka cities in terms of heritage tourism. Carvings based on intricate themes from each monument this place has its own story to tell. This is a paradise for art patronage and an institution for art students. Amidst giant boulders and vegetation ruins of Hampi lies scattered in about 26 sq. km area. The remains of palaces, gateways and temples are examples of human imaginations that are crafted in stones. The majestic beauty, supreme sculpture and crafted legacies ranked these scattered ruins in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Some of the well known historic attractions of this place are:

AchyutaRaya Temple:

It is among the supreme example of Vijaynagara Style architectures. It was built around 1534 AD to honor Lord Tiruvengalanatha, the incarnation of Lord Shiva. This temple is known for its beautiful tall attachments known as ‘Prakaras’. External and internal prakaras are known for their carved monumental towers known as the Gopurams. The large pillars inside the prakaras are famous for their stone carvings based on various themes. The sanctum sanctorum temple is located between two rectangular courtyards. The architectural supremacy of this page captivates the attention of visitors. The majesty of statues, stone carvings, intricate designs of this temple attracts many visitors to this place throughout the year.

Shri Vijaya Vittala Temple:

It is the most extravagant and grandiose structure of Hampi. This is the prime attraction of this place which is known for its sculptured beauty, intricate carving, carved design of floral motifs, dancing girls, horses, elephants, soldiers and many more. The main attraction is Maha-Mantapa which is superbly carved out …

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New York City Travel Guide

New York City Travel Guide

New York is a city with various races and cultures, iconic images and a sense of togetherness. With yellow taxis, skyscrapers, steam vents, and great people, you won’t find another place like that in the world. In other words, New York has a unique personality and is a place that everyone must visit at least once in their lives. Whether you enjoy shopping, walking in Central Park, experiencing the money building on Wall Street or just relaxing while having lunch at one of the many city visitors, New York has something for everyone.

After you experience this amazing city, you will want to come back repeatedly, every time you find something new. You can experience all the main suburbs by foot, taxi or bus. From Little Italy to Brooklyn and Chinatown to Manhattan, there is so much to explore and explore.

Eating out is a separate experience, with thousands of restaurants you will be truly spoiled for choice. Favorites include Diner which is a converted dining car, Chat ‘n’ Chew where friends gather for an old ‘chin-wag’ that is good on a large Holy Cow burger or delicious macaroni cheese and not forgetting the New York Institute which is the 21 Club.


The oldest Manhattan of the five regions in New York City, Manhattan is the main commercial, financial and cultural center of the United States. Manhattan has many famous landmarks, attractions, museums and universities. The other four boroughs are the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island.

The Bronx

This is the only area located mainly on land. Although the Bronx is densely populated, about twenty-five percent of its territory is open space which includes the Bronx Zoo, the New York Botanical Garden, Pelham Bay Park, Van Cortlandt Park, and the Woodlawn Cemetery.


This is the most congested …

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Taking The Trip You have Been Waiting For

Taking The Trip You have Been Waiting For

Everybody includes a dream vacation that may be just sitting on their unfinished bucket lists, just waiting to be performed, but why put it off any longer? Vacations have always been looked at as a reward or even a explanation to obtain away from every little thing, but why not make it a frequent thing? Possibly you as well as your buddies have already been dying to go on a sports holiday to a game in a city you may have in no way been to or possibly you and your wife would like to spend some time alone together within a new and exciting place. What ever the purpose is, just assume it is actually applicable and take your vacation!

A lot of people place many time and organizing into their vacations, nevertheless it can honestly be far more spontaneous for those who allow it to become. Plus, if you do not make a program and an itinerary it may be enjoyable and thrilling not understanding what specifically you will be doing subsequent. Even if you just need to have to obtain away to relax and do practically nothing, you may do that wherever you’d prefer to go. It truly is understandable that people have busy perform schedules, but the important to staying successful and comfortable should be to give yourself time for you to unwind and delight in your time. With out that factors can get stressful and it’s important to have a clear head to get a pleased life-style.

It does not really matter where you go for any holiday, but that you just get out of your element just a little bit to encounter a thing new and fascinating. In case you are from the suburbs or perhaps a rural location and don’t get out to …

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Vacation – Long Car Trip Tips

Vacation - Long Car Trip Tips

Long awaited…summer! The time to relax, at least for kids, and take those vacations you’ve longed to take all school year long. Sometimes you are able to fly or travel to your location quickly. But sometimes, you have to make the long 16 hour car ride up to Aunt Ethel’s to see the family or across the country to see that one of a kind historical monument. What do you do to fill the time?

Here are some ideas for turning those long travel hours into trips that fly by… or at least seem quicker and more entertaining. It can be helpful to leave very early in the morning when kids are still sleepy, if you are able to stay awake when you drive. That way the kids can sleep a few hours of the trip without even really knowing they are in the car. Caution against those who may get carsick though. Bring small snacks like pretzels or crackers if they need something in their tummies before the long drive. It is always good to have a bag or something handy in case the carsickness comes to the surface. You can also drive at night if you have more than one driver in the car and can take turns, but only if you can do this safely. It is not worth it to risk a safe trip if you cannot stay awake.

If you have children, you will want to bring along some activities and games to keep them occupied. One thing that is a lot of fun and reusable are pipe cleaners. Kids can make almost anything out of those things and then can straighten them back out and do it all over again. They are not messy either. Small children may not be able to use them …

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Are You Going For Family Beach Holidays?

Are You Going For Family Beach Holidays?

If talking about beach holidays then these are always entertaining and with the family tagging along, the enjoyment element gets double. Just suppose what a wonderful time you would have making beautiful sand castles with your children or getting pleasure from water sports with your partner. Nude beach California holidays with family are best for bonding with your family as you get to pay some good quality time with your dear ones. Wonderful beach holidays must be perfectly planned around the time of summer months.

Beach holidays with your family are really in fashion nowadays. There are several families hit the famous or out of the way beaches each and every summer. In case you actually wish to make the most of your Nude beach California holiday, confirm that you choose the best beach for your family. A few important tips discussed below will assist you in selecting that best beach destination:

  • In case you are making a plan long strolls dragging your toes in the soggy sand then confirm the beach that you choose has enough sand that is prepared of fine particles. Coarse particles sand can spoil the mood of your holiday and making a chaos of your feet and leave long trials at the back you in case you drag them somewhat far.
  • In case you wish more than just sun bathing for the beach holiday of your family then, search for beaches where you can get pleasure from the surf. At some beaches that are family friendly surf you can even get pleasure from a lot of water sports like paragliding, parasailing, kayaking and also water skiing even though attempting beach begins through the waves can be difficult at times so possibly choose a non surf beach for that specific sport.
  • Confirm that you check the
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