Trieste – The Pearl Of the Adriatic Sea

Trieste – The Pearl Of the Adriatic Sea

Trieste - The Pearl Of the Adriatic Sea

Welcome to Trieste.

This magnificent Italian city located between the Italian border with Slovenia and also the Adriatic Sea deserves every traveler’s attention. With its venerable and diverse history, Trieste is popular as a major city with the legendary origin, rich cultural heritage, and tolerance between different peoples living on its territory. Italians dine-in Slovenia, Croatians spend their weekends on Trieste’s clean beaches and Austrians who don’t need to leave once visited Piazza Unita’ d’Italia. On every corner inside the town of Trieste, travelers can see different “countries” hidden relating to the mountains in the Adriatic Sea.

According to the locals, Trieste is a place which many fictional and real heroes have visited – Jason and the Argonauts inside their looking for the Golden Fleece, many veteran soldiers in the Trojan War and also Archduke Maksimilyan, Sigmund Freud, James Joyce, Stendhal plus much more.

The city with a population of over 2 hundred thousand people develops over time as a result of its “favorable geographic location” as the geography specialists say.

Historical facts

  • By some time when Trieste was underneath Caesar’s rule, it becomes an official Roman colony.
  • During the other century, Trieste adopted Christianity as an official religion.
  • Trieste passes successively through various rulers: Goths, Longobardi, Byzantines, Franks
  • In 1392 the Republic of Venice experimented with force Trieste to join its territories but Trieste asks Austrian ruler Leopold III for help and the man prevents that.
  • The most successful period for Trieste is from 1857 to 1918 when like apart from the Austro-Hungarian Empire it turned out the greatest and busiest port in central Europe.

This charming port city would be a convenient crossroads for various cultures, languages and religions and religions. Trieste was under the rule of France, Austria, and Italy. After the armistice in the year of 1943, it even turns into a part of Germany. Italy finally annexed Trieste to its territory in October 1954.

Despite time spent under different rulers, Trieste was able to build and gaze after its identity and continue growing as a possible autonomous city with a unique charm and atmosphere.


Residents of Trieste can boast not only for your cultural and historical heritage from the city as evidenced by both castles there: Castello di San Giusto and Castello di Miramare but also to gorgeous gardens, many Protestant, Orthodox and Catholic churches, museums and ancient Roman theaters.

For regular summer tourists – Trieste might look being a small and windy town with cute and winding streets. But if your aim is always to recharge your batteries a different option. real holiday and when you like peaceful destinations then Trieste is simply for you. And finally – are considering that in Trieste it will be possible to drink from some with the best coffees in the world!

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