Travel Magazines to Write For

Travel Magazines to Write For

If you are a writer looking for a place to publish your writing, you may be interested in the benefits of publishing in travel magazines. Travel magazine articles are not only a great way to get your writing published, but they can also be a great way to advertise yourself and your writing. You can also use your article as a springboard to launch a new website or blog.

1.   National Geographic Traveler

National Geographic Traveler is the world’s most-read travel magazine. It is a part of the nonprofit National Geographic Society, which was founded in 1888. The goal of National Geographic Traveler is to promote travel and explore new and exciting destinations.

National Geographic Traveler magazine features captivating storytelling and beautiful photography. Its tagline is “Where the Journey Begins.” This is why a story needs to capture the place’s essence. A travel writer must also provide useful information about the destination.

National Geographic has a strong focus on conservation and sustainable travel. In addition, it has built a digital community of 14 million followers.

National Geographic Traveler’s list includes a number of cultural destinations, such as women-led Indigenous tourism in Alberta, Canada. It also has a list of less-visited destinations, such as Greece’s Dodecanese islands.

Traveler offers a variety of digital content, including a Traveler index that displays recently published articles. It also publishes travel guides and travel experiences.

2.   National Geographic Adventure

National Geographic Adventure Magazine is a smart take on a classic magazine. It features beautiful photography and first-class journalism. Whether you are traveling to a new country or simply exploring your own backyard, this perfect-bound biannual magazine will be a great tool.

It has a colorful cover that has a yellow border. The magazine features the talents of famous National Geographic photographers. There are also a number of travel destination features.

The National Geographic Adventure Magazine is a great resource for those looking to embark on a new adventure. You’ll find detailed guides and tips that are perfect for first-timers or seasoned travelers. For example, in December 2008/January 2009, the magazine named a slate of 14 adventurers, each of whom has made the ultimate accomplishment. These heroes included Pemba Gyalje Sherpa, who risked his life to rescue mountaineers during the 2008 K2 disaster.

In addition to the magazine, the National Geographic Adventure brand is a successful book, a pair of occasional newsstand editions, and a mobile application. All of these products are part of a reimagined travel media business led by Anne Kim-Dannibale, former editor in chief of Where Traveler, and Jennifer Barger, former editor in chief of FW.

3.   National Geographic Traveler Kids

For the younger set, National Geographic Traveler Kids can be fun and a great way to learn more about the world around us. It provides a myriad of activities that encourage kids to explore the natural and manmade world around them. From books and videos to games and projects, the offerings are endless.

The company is a household name in media, consumer products, and travel. They produce magazines, newspapers, television channels, and even travel expeditions. With a large audience in mind, they have produced a plethora of media that are entertaining and informative. To complement their media efforts, they have also built a strong online community. This is a testament to the fact that the National Geographic brand is an authentic, reputable, and well-loved brand.

While the National Geographic Kids website may be a bit of a pain to navigate, it has plenty of resources for teachers and parents. Aside from a plethora of educational and fun-filled books and activities, the company also provides free access to the best of its library of content.

4.   National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids is a travel magazine that invites kids to explore the world. It features articles about exotic animals, space, technology, ancient civilizations, and more. The stories are filled with beautiful photographs and kid-friendly writing. With a mix of factual information, fun facts, and interactive projects, the magazine keeps kids interested.

This magazine is perfect for kids aged six and up. It has colorful photos, kid-friendly writing, and games. Each issue includes stories about animals, adventure, and science. Kids also learn about the history of the world, and the cultures and customs of various people. There are also stories about sports, the environment, and much more. Occasionally, you can even receive free gifts with your subscription.

Whether your child is a curious, artistic, or adventurous kid, this magazine will inspire them to explore the world. It encourages problem-solving, self-esteem, and creative thinking. Featuring fun facts, stories, and illustrations, it will help kids develop a lifelong love of reading and learning.

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