5 Most Unique Aussie Adventures

5 Most Unique Aussie AdventuresBy far one of the top road trip destinations in the world, Australia has been drawing in road trippers for many decades. There are so many different terrains to explore, activities to take part in, and places to camp that it may seem overwhelming knowing where to start. If you’re the type of traveler who likes to take your campervan hire off the beaten path and check out some truly unique scenery and destinations, then you should definitely take into account these options which will allow you to experience the wonders of the continent while maintaining your unique sense of destination.


On the Northern Coast lies this calm and scenic small city featuring tropical weather and terrific beaches. The nearby rainforests are amazing to explore either on guided tours or on your own, and a crocodile tour is certainly recommended. Another prime activity here is the open market on Mindil Beach, where you can browse local arts and crafts on one of the most beautiful stretches of beach on the country. With its combination of outdoor adventure and sights as well as the added urban component, Darwin is truly a legendary and unique destination that is sure to delight any traveler passing through.

Victorian High Country

If you’re into unique off roading destinations, then this unique trail offers vast panoramas at many different lookout points along the way. This trail is mountainous and features winding passes and jaw dropping views every step of the way. There are a number of abandoned mountain mining villages that you can explore along the way, an activity which has long been a favourite of travellers in this region. You will pass by a number of old gold towns that were once bustling centers but now occupied only by mountain goats. Keep in mind that this is very steep terrain, so for those afraid of heights you may want to stick to another trail. With its rocky passages, sweeping outlooks, and consistently high altitude, this trail is perfect for those seeking the ideal mountain off road experience.


This scenic coastal village has rock cliffs that drop to reveal majestic ocean views that you won’t forget any time soon. Visitors can spend their time spotting wales and dolphins in the waters, enjoy some of the finest fishing Australia has to offer, enjoy some of the fresh seafood on offer, or surf the waves at one of the famous local surf spots. It really doesn’t get much prettier than this if you’re looking for the perfect coastal experience, so make sure your campervan hire hits this destination for your trip.

Oak Beach

Even in the much-visited Queensland region you will be able to find some peace and quiet at the great Oak Beach. Although not considered an incredibly popular beach with tourists, the locals have always understood that this is one of the top beaches in the world. Here you will find a subtropical, unspoiled paradise with miles of sandy beach as far as the eye can see. Oak Beach has its own inner coral reef which offers an amazing diving opportunity, and the beach is surrounded by some of the most breathtaking stretches of rainforest in all of Australia. If you’re looking for a beach just as beautiful as some of the better-known spots in Queensland, but much less crowded, then oak Beach is definitely for you.

The Southern Forests

When passing through the south, most people hit up the wineries, the famous surfing spots, and the caves. The lesser-known forest region, however, contains a plethora of hiking and outdoor activities plus a number of cool, rustic towns that are a joy to pass through. If traveling by campervan, this region is perfect since you can combine the outdoors with stops in towns for that perfect mix. Lots of travelers choose the southern regions for their trips, but you can make this destination truly unique by sticking to the forests and enjoying this scenic and wondrous territory that is relatively less traveled by your fellow travelers. Make sure not to overlook the southern forests if you are looking for a more laid back and less crowded route through the south.

If you have a taste for unique destinations, then make sure to research these stops for your Australian campervan hire journey. From the miles of undeveloped coastline to the 4WD adventures of the outback to the cool towns and cities of the interior, there are so many truly one of a kind destinations in this country that you can plan a lifetime of travel and still not hit them all. It all comes down to your tastes, so do your research, consult the travel forums, plan out your trip, and then hit the road for the travel experiences of a lifetime.

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