5 Ideas for an Unforgettable Cabo Destination Wedding on the Beach

5 Ideas for an Unforgettable Cabo Destination Wedding on the Beach

This might sound strange for many people but planning a Cabo destination wedding is easier than you think.

Thanks to the internet, you can finally plan a wedding on the sandy white beaches of Cabo with your family to share and experience.

If you’re thinking about a Cabo destination wedding, you’re in the right place because we have some tips on how you can make this event memorable and exciting.

Hire A Cabo San Lucas Wedding Planner

One of the first things you need to do is to hire a Cabo San Lucas wedding planner. First of all, a local planner will be able to sort out all the legal aspects of your marriage. They can help you apply for a license and go through other requirements to make the ceremony valid.

Secondly a Cabo wedding planner can help implement and even improve your wedding vision. For example, if you want a boho themed Cabo San Lucas wedding, then the planner will be able to get in touch with their network of suppliers and vendors so that you can get the wedding of your dreams.

Pro tip: try to find a design centered wedding planner. This way other special elements can be included for your destination wedding. Want a beautiful wedding arch? Or how about a statement piece like an ice sculpture to wow your guests? All of this can be yours with the right wedding planner.

Choose The Right Venue 

Cabo San Lucas is full of resorts, boutique hotels and other types of accommodations that can host different kinds of weddings. The trick is to find the perfect place where you can celebrate your wedding that matches your theme in mind.

For example, if you want an intimate beach wedding we recommend a Waldorf Astoria Cabo wedding. One of the biggest advantages of holding a wedding at this resort is because they only book 1 wedding at a time. This means that your event is not only intimate but is the only care of the hotel for that day. All of this special attention translates to a perfect wedding experience for you and your guests.

Aside from this, you can choose different locations for your ceremony. You can have a beach side wedding, main lobby terrace or a pool terrace depending on your theme. 

Offer Welcome Bags 

For some of your guests, it could be their first time abroad or in Cabo San Lucas. This is why we encourage you to give them welcome bags to make their stay comfortable.

Your welcome bag can contain basic necessities like maps, a guide book full of landmarks they can visit, sunscreen, complimentary drink tickets for the bar, flip flops, itinerary for the weekend or a book on Mexican culture.

The goodies inside can make guests feel more at ease especially if they are hesitating because of the language barrier or perhaps there were a few things they left at home.

Arrange Outdoor Group Activities 

A wedding is essentially a celebration of the union between 2 families. Having group activities so that the families can get together is an easy way of letting them get to know each other before the wedding.

For example, you can arrange for the group to view nearby historical sites and to go shopping. Alternatively you can arrange for brunch, a scavenger hunt or a pool party so that everybody can relax and have a good time before you say your vows.

Consider Adding Mexican Cuisine To The Wedding Menu 

One of the best ways to experience another country’s culture is by eating local food. You can ask the chef of the hotel to design a meal that includes your favorite dishes and some Mexican cuisine to compliment each other. This way guests can experience authentic Mexican food during your wedding.

Aside from local dishes, you can also add some exotic elements to your theme. For example a Mariachi band can add fun and unique flair to your wedding. 

Bottom Line 

Destination weddings are a family event. Celebrating with people you love makes the experience more heartwarming and intimate.

Choosing the right location for your destination wedding makes a big difference. Hopefully our tips can make it a more special occasion.

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