5 Best Recommendation Hotels in Singapore

5 Best Recommendation Hotels in Singapore

Singapore is one of the countries with the most interest in tourist destinations globally. Until now, Singapore has become a modern city that is quite active and holds some exciting things that every visitor in this country can enjoy.

From the best hotels in Singapore suitable for holidays to several destinations that are mandatory to visit. Although some hotels are pretty expensive, it seems that tourists are quite satisfied with spending the night in hotels in Singapore.

Because there are so many hotels in Singapore, which offer visitors a staycation experience, which is quite interesting. Such as a luxurious hotel design, complete facilities, and satisfying hotel visitors on vacation in Singapore.

Therefore, many of the best hotels in Singapore with many of the best hotels when you visit Singapore.

Shangri-La Hotel

This hotel is one of the luxury hotels located in Resort Sentosa. This hotel offers pretty spacious rooms for one family consisting of two adults and two children.

It doesn’t stop there. This hotel also offers some quite exciting things, such as a reasonably spacious room balcony, along with a small kitchen, for you to cook.

Because this hotel is specially designed for families, this hotel also offers a variety of games that are often preferred by children, such as a ball pool, along with several other games that make your children very comfortable to spend the night at this hotel.

Capella Singapore

The description of special diction is entirely appropriate to describe this Capella Singapore. This hotel has a five-star base, with a super-majestic building design, like a royal palace.

Capella Singapore carries several combinations of colonial and modern, with the dominance of white and brick red. And also followed by green grass and plants around the hotel, so you will feel a fantastic and beautiful atmosphere when staying at Capella Singapore. 

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Marina Bay Sands Hotel is one of the hotels you must visit when on vacation in Singapore. The hotel provides many bars, restaurants as well as a casino. You can also stay at the SkyPark, located at the top of the hotel.

So that children and adults will enjoy the view of the swimming pool which is quite broad, exactly 200 meters above the ground with a very beautiful view of course.

You can also take your children to the mall in this hotel by boat. And can also go to the skating rink, which uses synthetic ice with an area of ​​600 square meters, and shoes that can be rented on the spot.

Mandarin Oriental Singapore

Mandarin Oriental Singapore, located in the Marina Bay area, Singapore. This hotel is quite luxurious and stunning, with a design that carries the Mandarin Oriental. One of the privileges of Mandarin Oriental Singapore is its strategic location, followed by elegant and beautiful rooms, complete facilities, and 5-star service quality.

You can find some typical Singaporean icons, shopping centers, and high-end restaurants in this hotel. It doesn’t stop there. The hotel is close to Singapore’s business district, only a few minutes from the Mandarin Oriental Singapore hotel.

Festive Hotel

Festive Hotel is located at Resort World Sentosa, Singapore. The rooms at this hotel are intentionally spacious to get more than two beds in one room. You can put your children in separate rooms.

It doesn’t stop there. This hotel also provides a living room, with a sofa that can be opened lengthwise, which functions as an extra bed. So you don’t have to worry about room shortages when you visit Singapore with your family.

That’s all the best hotels that we have summarized. So you are no longer confused when choosing the best hotel in Singapore when you visit or do a staycation in Singapore.

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